Winter Fashion for Men 2016/17


Since the colder days are ahead of us, we will be talking about some winter outfits to keep you warm and fashionable this year. Here are some of my favorite pieces this year

For the first look, a bomber jacket. Could be plain or with badges similar to what I am wearing. Next is a grey hoodie that fits well with the design of the bomber jacket that I am wearing. This also adds warmth as only a bomber jacket wouldn’t be enough during the winter season. A scarf would also add a statement but also could keep you warm. 

For the bottoms, classic black skinny jeans to pair with the bomber jacket and hoodie and old school Nike’s for the shoes. You could also add a chain to complete the urban look that we’re going for. 

Onto the next look, a classic leather jacket. Underneath a jumper to keep you warm yet still looking fashionable. To tone down the look, add a beanie which would make you look chicer. Black skinny jeans for the bottoms, and gray slip-on loafers to complete the look. 

Last and finally not least, a classic overcoat. I am wearing a beige one but any colour would be good. The grey top underneath and add a scarf to keep you warm. For the bottoms, still classic black skinny jeans, and brown brogues to keep the polished look.

Okay, guys, that was 3 winter fashion looks. If you liked this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe.  

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