Why Do Men Cheat on Beautiful Women?! l The Real Reason Men Cheat

There’s a significant movement on social media, and especially on TikTok, using the hashtag #mevsthegirlhecheatedonmewith and I’ve had some of my clients asking me about this craze as it surprises a lot of people. Why would someone like Kanye West who has one of the most desirable women in the world Kim Kardashian cheat on her?

Most men would kill to get a woman like her but here’s this guy who has her but is cheating on her. Worse, he’s cheating on her with a far less attractive woman! I thought I would offer my thoughts on the topic..

It comes from an underlying issue with men. He knows that a lot of women fancy him and that makes him think that he is superior and that he wants the attention of these women. He is so full of himself that he only prioritizes what he wants and totally forgets that he is in a relationship.

And why does he goes for the unattractive women? It’s because it’s easy! He knows he can easily call her and get whatever he wants. With that kind of attitude, it doesn’t make a man superior but it’s pity for him because he already has a woman who values him and he trashed her. So men, if you already have a valuable woman unattractive or not, do not waste her, be loyal, and prioritize your relationship.

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