Why Am I Getting No Matches On Tinder?

The Brutal Truth

Is your Tinder a desolate wasteland? If so, fear not many many men have been there!

We eagerly get our best photos together, upload them onto tinder or other sites get swiping and….. and… and… anddddd… Still nada. I’m sure if you have been in this situation you were left thinking “wtf why have I got zero matches…. ok must just be a slow start I will keep trying”.

This is most guys reaction. Firstly, give it some time!

Of course, such guys wait it out a bit, get zero desirable matches and either get totally dismayed and delete the app out of frustration or use it sporadically getting dates with a variety of gruesome respondents. Some guys even go so far as to begin blaming the female users. I often hear accusations of all the hot women being fakes, bots or at best escorts. Let me tell you from personal experience this is definitely not the case. If you have decided that either of these factors are what is holding you back with online dating before you have invested any time and effort into your profile, then you are destined for failure. Like with anything desirable in life if you don’t have the looks or body of a male model then you will have to put some work in on all aspects of the online dating process if you want to get good matches! The funny thing is that the men who are most successful on tinder and similar sites tend to invest huge time into setting up their profiles. They know the rewards and they know just how bad Tinder can be without the correct procedure and adhere to the rules I will set shortly religiously.

Eugene Before
Eugene After

As a professional dating coach, I specialise in creating online profiles for my clients. I have shot photos for hundreds of men from all over the world and always dramatically improved their results more or less instantly. The before and after results really speak for themselves.

David After

So, I hope we agree that the transformation is dramatic and also that these are average men who can’t play the youthful card or get matches purely on being a pretty boy. They are average men basically. Well they look a lot less average in the after photos that’s for sure! So, what is the process that we adhere to, to boost these clients from a zero to a hero on tinder, hinge, humble etc.

So, to build the ideal profile it’s necessary to break down the main elements that we know ruin a guy’s profile and that I see on a weekly basis. If you fall into any of these categories, then don’t be a mug your while life and fix that profile:

1. Poor Quality Photos

Low resolution or poor quality photos indicate a few things. One that the photo is old, and you thus probably look nothing like it anymore and are basically using your best ever photo taken 15 years ago at uni before the world ruined you. It also indicates you are of low value. No successful and alpha man represents himself on any medium be it work or social with a poor quality photo. Poor quality photo, poor quality guy. Alpha males take pride in their self-brand and will always make efforts to show off their prowess. It’s a very beta approach to not invest effort properly and high-value women will pick up on this and instantly disregard you as a relevant prospect.

2. Poor Styling

Poor styling -” you are what you wear” and “clothes make the man” are both ancient medieval proverbs. It’s always been true that your image is 70noecent of attraction and it’s still the case today. It’s pretty obvious really. If you don’t look trendy and cool, then you will get zero interest from high-value women. (And that’s a minimum ideally you would look like an absolute legend!) … Women are extremely guided by image and thus a man’s social standing. The clothes we wear and investment into our image screams volumes about the type of man we are. Basically, are we a cool guy? Are we her type? Men tend to base a type on physical appearance.. If she is hot that is enough for us to want to date her it really matters very little what she is wearing. Whereas women are way less bothered by looks. You don’t have to be a male model to get results. But you do have to look like one cool mofo if you want to compete with the models. Your style dictates what you think is cool in society, your knowledge of the youthful contemporary world (intrinsically linked with sex and attraction) and thus has the power to make you a complete non-prospect or her type instantly. So, to find a style which is congruent with your age situation but in touch with contemporary fashion is of huge importance.

3. The Gang

So, the final point is another absolute deal-breaker. The online world is superficial and full of bs. It’s true sadly. So, if we want to be successful in this vapid and empty world then sometimes, we have to at least understand how brutal the online world is. Firstly, if you have photos with anyone who is unattractive, badly dressed, nerdy, overweight etc it’s going to be a massive negative. I feel terrible even writing this as to disown our family and friends is a terrible thing. Well, it is in real life. Online dating is a world of crap and fake depictions… Play the game to win. If you aren’t sure if your buddies are cool or attractive or not. Then trust me they aren’t! People who have 100 percent faith in their coolness are usually correct. Whereas those who are always wondering, coveting and comparing are invariably lacking. Get them off your profile immediately!

4 .Location Location Location!!!

So now you have deleted those photos taken in the early 90’s got some cool clothes you have eliminated any shots with your buddy one leg fat Dave and are keen and ready to get some new photos. Well, that’s all good but the location also needs to be striking. The more value we can show through high end exotic or exclusive locations the better. This doesn’t mean you have to be on a private jet or riding a lion through the Serengeti. But You must pick locations that align with the clothing style and have striking or interesting elements. Here are a few examples of past clients and the ambience we have wished to gain with the combination of styling and location.

These are all simple locations in London I have calculated to say the correct things about my clients. If we shoot pictures with different connotations due to styling and location in each image. Then the overall vibe of the guy is of a mysterious multi layered bad boy with a penchant for travel and deep understanding of himself and his spirituality. Ha ha well something like that anyway. But I’m sure you get the point. It’s these elements which make you the guy she wants to date. The guy who seems spontaneous and has an interesting and varied life and personality.

So those are the main four points that are ruining the average man’s profile. I hope this helped give you an insight into what you may be doing wrong and how you can improve it. With a bit of effort into your personal style (check out our YouTube channel with multiple videos on outfit ideas for dating and how you can perfect your dating profile in general )  and some calculated photos you too can finally join the 2 percent of men who actually can say they enjoy the tinder experience and get great results.

A lot of what I have said today may seem a little hard to do alone I know… If your feeling that way, then hit me up and book in a free consultation and we can discuss how I can surpass your expectations and get you into the Tinder elite!

So, there you have it gents. Follow the tips in this blog post and your summer style will be on point. You will find men and women admiring your fashion sense as you will stand out from the crowd. Women will be buying you cocktails this summer! Enjoy!

If you want further help with your fashion feel free to drop me an email at ollie@olliepearce.com. We can discuss how I can help you with your individual style so you can look #hotshit.

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    I like the post overall, although seems like your pushing your FREE CONSULTATION a bit too much. Anyways nice job 😉


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