What To Say When A Girl Asks – What Do You Do? (Even If You Have A Rubbish Job)

I have been asked this question by my personal one on one clients as, more often than not, they haven’t got their ideal job yet or they’re struggling to even find a job, so they’re embarrassed by the truth. Fear not, I am here to help you answer this question the right way in order to present the best version of yourself.

Make it funny. If you are already working in a shitty job or unemployed, be humorous about it. She will laugh at it and if she likes you should get past that you are working a shitty job. But make sure you are focused on your suits in life and you would not be forever be working in a shitty place!

Don’t lie – you’ll get found out sooner or later. Just be present yourself in the best way possible. If she’s just interested in how much money you make, then she’s not worth it.

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