Uniqlo Style Challenge Smart Casual Look | Men’s Uniqlo Fashion Style Tips

Hey guys, I hope all is well in your world of Fashion, maybe it isn’t.  In that case no worries, we are about to bring you a killer Smart Casual look from Uni Qlo, For a modest price of course! Wasting no time let’s get inside the Westfield and find that perfect killer summer outfit!

Everything on screen (apart from the shoes) is available at Uni Qlo. Let’s start with the Blazer, this is available for £29.90. That is an extremely modest price for such a swanky piece of clothing, we love the earthy tones, exactly what we are looking for in a blazer!

Under that we have the collarless shirt in this very summery lining material, drops very nicely underneath the blazer and this collarless style is very popular now.  For only £25.00 you can’t go wrong!

The beige belt is a big factor in why this outfit works so well, at only £15.00. It acts as a bridge between the lighter tones in the outfit, working very well with the brogues darker tones. Then we have these light grey chinos for £29.90, they look perfect for the smart casual look we are trying to achieve, note the fit, not too baggy but definitely “Letting it hang” a bit.

If you are to wear socks with this look, make sure they are cut off at the ankles, we want to look like a dapper man with money in the bank, not like Carlton Banks! White socks will BUTCHER this look, even black ones will ruin it, be smart guys. Check out our video “5 Style Secrets That Every Guy Should know” where we touch on that point a little bit more.

The shoes were from Office and retailed for £69.99. We love the suede tones, they are the perfect summer shoe and work so well it is hard to imagine any other shoe on foot with this outfit. Though a leather brogue of the same tone would also work gentlemen.

We love this outfit, you will be ready for the Yacht this year, let’s keep the positive attitude and high-end fashion vibes flowing. Maybe, just maybe, it will happen!

Ollie Pearce

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