Two First Date Men’s Fashion Styles Guaranteed To Impress Your Date

So you have finally got that big date with the girl do your dreams. Now is the desperate rush: restaurant bookings, tickets, endless googling of nice bars and thought goes into the actual date. Then it hits you what the hell am I going to wear!  It doesn’t matter if I have tickets to the greatest show on earth if I’m going to turn up in that same drab pair of jeans with my “good shirt” and an ancient leather jacket.

Get the right fashion style and you instantly situate yourself as a cool man. It’s obvious really, people make judgments about your wider lifestyle and personality from your sense of style. Thus to be a cool guy, and a sexy guy, on that big first date you have to know how to master the correct image.

In today’s blog, I will be giving a visual guide to the two easiest and completely universal men’s date styles. One smart casual for the evening, and one casual for the day time both guaranteed to push the right buttons. Both of these styles have been selected to totally cross age boundaries and basically work for any man of any profile anywhere in the world!

  1. The man about town evening look
  2. The day time casual fella

So the obvious striking element to the ‘man about town’ look is the roll neck jumper combined with a nice skinny or slim fitted jean, and then the classic  smart casual blazer.

A blazer makes any look instantly more high end and definitely screams classy, affluent but cool.  Combined with skinny jeans and a funky pocket square we totally mix up the more casual elements and get a great finished image. It says sophisticated and trendy – a go-getter with a fun side. Finally, add the tan brogue shoes or a Chelsea boot. These are currently the favourite shoes amongst those who know men’s fashion. Again, they are guaranteed to make the right statement and top off the whole look beautifully. It’s worth mentioning that by simply switching the blazer to a cool rock and roll leather jacket, we can tone down the sophisticated vibe and give it a rock and roll, more badass vibe.

  1. The day time casual fella

So for the daytime casual fella we are thinking about a relaxed day date. Maybe a stroll in the park or a coffee. We don’t want to go for the same bigger statement items as with the ‘man about town ‘ who is really dressing to impress. Now we want to ooze effortless cool with some choice garments that always resonate.

The cropped checked trousers are the biggest part of this look. It is also just as effective if the trousers aren’t a ‘cropped’ cut which simply means they finish above the ankle. I know some guys don’t like showing off their ankles.

The checked trousers can then be combined with either a t-shirt or a fashionable cotton polo shirt to top off this current favourite.

Finally a casual completely plain plimsole really finishes the look beautifully. The plimsole has to be super plain and sparkling! Don’t think an old sports shoe is adequate or a sneaker. This is one point we have to be meticulous on. It must be crisp looking and totally non-descript.

Then a jacket is optional.  A summer look can easily be turned into a winter look by adding a nice shearling jacket or an overcoat.

Shearling jacket

A real shearling jacket is actually lambs leather with a real fur inner lining. The real deal is always the best but they are expensive. Fear not they are also very popular which means there are lots of variations of differing quality and price. High street shops like Zara and H&M do perfectly adequate ones for those on a budget. This is the same with the overcoat which can either be extremely expensive, or very reasonable depending on the store you shop at.


So that’s it gentleman two classic styles which are also bang on the current pulse of men’s fashion. Both are tried and tested by high-status men and celebrities worldwide and are absolutely guaranteed to say all the right things about you in that all important date… or in any other social situation come to think about it. Give it a try and see what happens! Just please don’t hate me if the waitress tries slipping you her number and a fight ensues with your new flame!

So, there you have it gents. Follow the tips in this blog post and your summer style will be on point. You will find men and women admiring your fashion sense as you will stand out from the crowd. Women will be buying you cocktails this summer! Enjoy!

If you want further help with your fashion feel free to drop me an email at individual style so you can look #hotshit.

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