Back to Basics: Six Tips to Optimise Your Tinder or Swipe Dating Account From the Bottom Up

First things first every tinder advice article gives the same old tips some of which are useless and others of which genuinely can help to optimise an account. Well I should say an account which is already half decent! Sadly most guys don’t even have a half decent account so unless you are a tinder god then you can definitely benefit from this blog. By going back to basics we can turn a half decent or terrible account into a great account before we even get swiping.

So everyone Is on swipe dating sites nowadays. The taboo is gone it’s no longer a bit weird to be trawling tinder with a horny glint in your eye it’s no longer a thing of shame and is now the easiest and most common way to meet new single people. Whatever your thoughts on the cultural implications of tinder and the swipe site conveyor belt takeover it is here to stay.

Now swipe sites can be a thing of great joy or great misery. If you have been in a situation where you get very few matches if any at all and the ones you do get seem to have one eye in their forehead or three legs then it can be demoralising to say the least. This is even worse if you have a buddy who loves to show off their endless reel of beauties with all the accompanying stories of tinder related madness. Aaaargh! It makes you want to scream: “it is is just not fair! Give me a damn chance and see I am just as cool as any of these guys!”.

If you feel like this then tough luck buddy tinder just like life is definitely not fair. In fact it’s thekst vapid, empty and superficial form of judging strangers possible. So first thing first realise this and dont get mad. It quite simply is what it is and says nothing about your attractiveness in the flesh. Today I will show you a few tips on how to play it clever be calculating and hugely even the playing field.

  1. GO PRO

Why do you think male models and instagram hunks do so well on tinder? Because they have great photos and lots of them. Remember swipe sites are purely about physical attraction your bio is literally only read by potential matches  if you first catch there eye. So if you don’t have great photos then seek professional help. Check out my website for details of how we do exactly this and to see before and after pics of past clients (

  1. NO PRO

If you don’t  think you need to invest in professional pictures then at least go photo mad! Take as many photos as you can, seek out interesting locations, utilise holidays or interesting events . It’s best to get a friend to take pics for you but if not then put the camera on timer. Again when I say take lots of photos I mean hundreds. Chooose the best ones if possible get female advice and make  sure you adhere to all the other stylistic elements below. Never have a profile consisting of more  than one selfie or you ring loner alarm bells.


Learn how to use the studio effects on your smart phone. All attractive people mess with there pics massively as they are aware of just how great they look and how they can  look even greater if they cheat a bit  . However people who historically aren’t used to attention dont even think about it and just take crappie pics with no touch ups. Be careful there is nothing worse than clearly altered  photos. Girls it’s not acceptable to air brush your pics to death or use snap chat filters. Fellas be subtle real men don’t care about this kindq stuff! Well they totally do thy have just learned how to be totally covert. If you want to take altering your pics to another level then apps like facetune can literally turn you from the penguin into batman. Be subtle!


Your photos have to  feel real! They must  give us an insight into the real you and your actual lifestyle. Thus we do no want super posey staged pics and definitely  do not want a studio shoot if you decide to go the pro route. Although you want great pictures and professional guidance authenticity and windows into your life is vital. Thus you need to switch up outfits and locations. The key to a great tinder profile is to show how cool every aspect  of your normal existence is. If anyone can tell the pics are shot in a studio or are done professionally or are painfully staged by you and your buddy Dave  then the authenticity is gone. You have paid for or staged a shoot and it’s thus not your day to day life and you are being a bit try hard. Again checkout my website before and after gallery to see examples of our professionally staged natural feel  shoots… Link.


Your style is everything! Do you dress well?  No really do you? If you can’t 110 percent answer yes with unflinching confidence to this question then you must  change this and work on your appearance if you want to see any improvement in your romantic prospects whatsoever. Good style is not an option it’s a complete deal breaker.

This is just the case with a tinder profile. Make sure your clothes and style are on point. If you don’t know how you should dress then seek advice. Clothes can make a guy who is a five out of ten on looks instantly become a seven. That’s a big jump take advantage of it. Women in particular are less bothered with looks than guys and are and way more likely to match you if they like your fashion sense. After all you are what you wear and your image says a huge amount about your character and social standing. If you aren’t a Hollywood looker or a six pack hunk then use style to even the playing field guys. There is a plethora of info on fashion out there and we know it becomes extremely confusing . Check out our you tube for simple fashion advice for the everyday guy on a budget. LINK


Swiping basically yields very few results on tinder. If you want  a foot up then get tinder gold. It’s cheap and allows you to see who has liked you without matching them. Once you have tinder gold do boosts at primetime and watch the matches rack up. Prime time varies but Sunday evening is always a good bet.


So you got the match! Unfortunately most matches don’t reply. Attractive people simply have way  too much selection and you Instantly get added to their ever growing list of admirers. Thus your first message is vital. Make it count. If you can’t think of a witty comment about their profile then try this.

“Hey Emma ?…. Wow! You are exquisite if those looks come with a matching personality I think I’m gonna have to try and attempt kidnapping you! ?”

OK so this is extreme indeed! In most cases being extreme and thus different and confident in yourself is a pillar of attraction. I won’t go into depth on the elements at play in this message but basically it shows a sense of humour and is very alpha and mildly sexual in that you are joking  about physical action.  Furthermore you are asking the object of your desire to qualify their looks by proving they have a good personality. This actually pays homage to their attractiveness whilst saying personality is more important to you and they had better be more than just looks. Attractive people dont want to be just a pretty face and tend to try  prove they are also a cool character especially when they are likely to find you funny and thus want you to like them.

So there we have it guys seven tips to breathe some life into your online dating profile. Be sure to check out the you tube for note dating fashion and lifestyle videos and the  website for more info on our dating services, blogs and before and after pics.

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