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Ollie Pearce

Online Profile Masterclass

Ollie Pearce is a professional model and fashion stylist with over ten years experience as a fashion, fitness and social skills coach.  Having worked for almost all the major date coaching companies in the industry, plus numerous celebrity clients, Ollie is the ultimate authority on how to be a cool, attractive social player.

Ollie has worked with hundreds of clients from all walks of life, from students to politicians, giving on- and offline advice aimed at improving their image, confidence and dating technique and prospects.

Ollie helps people to create the image they have always desired, and be the men they wish to be, thus positively impacting all areas of their lives.  Be it a new wardrobe, and/or advice on how to lose that belly with fitness and knowledge of nutrition that will stand the test of time, Ollie will make sure you look and feel your absolute best.  From there he will help you to be more confident through social competence training and coaching in the skills you need to enhance to be cooler, more confident and therefore more attractive to the opposite sex.

Matt Kendall

Social Skills System

Matt is a qualified therapist and works with clients mainly for social anxiety issues. Matt tells his clients “you cannot therapy your way out of an issue!” He believes that action is much more effective that trying to get the right “mindset” or asking the universe for help.

8 years ago Matt arrived in London with just a suitcase and a laptop. Armed with only his skills, he has built up businesses, social circles and MeetUp groups. Matt currently runs several MeetUp groups which total nearly 30k people. He has done all this on his own by using very simple systems.

Matt also worked as a dating coach for a number of years, helping both men and women to develop their social skills. Unlike a lot of people in the self help industry, Matt clearly walks the walk and demonstrates everything in his own life. His real world experience, straight forward approach and clear steps can help anyone to start over and get a life they are happy to lead.

Matt shares his highly effective systems to build social circles that anyone of any age or stage of life can implement. So if you just want to get out more or you have been through a recent breakup, these techniques will work for you!

Alex MacLellan

Mind Mastery Systems

Alex MacLellan is a therapist and coach who specialises in social anxiety, stress and emotional resilience. He began as a coach for a dating company 8 years ago where he helped hundreds of individuals overcome their social anxiety with real, practical solutions and techniques. Over time he became disillusioned with many of the exploitative, dangerous and poor practices in the self-development industry, seeing many people being sold a ‘magic pill’ approach to complex issues.

He now battles against what he sees as an exploitative ‘marshmallow’ self-development industry – looks sweet but with no real substance. His mission is to help people understand their problems, from crippling social anxiety to poor anger management, and give them the tools and techniques they need to change things for the better.

With a strong emphasis on personal responsibility, he calls for a courageous, reasonable approach to managing your inner demons and leaves people feeling more confident, empowered and motivated to develop themselves in the right way.

Carole Railton

Body Language Secrets

Carole Railton is a global behaviourist, author, speaker, coach and media commentator who works with individuals and companies to understand how they come across to others, to communicate in an appropriate, faster and more effective manner.

Rated 4th in the world of Business Body Language by, Carole has consulted and spoken for, multinational companies including as Google, Coca Cola, KPMG and Toastmasters. Her book, The Future of Body Language, helps individuals gain access to multimedia skills that aid them to a better performance in life both socially and in work.

 Her regular comments in the media help the public to a better understanding of how body language works with the benefits that accrue from understanding it. In turn, this leads to more relaxed, confident, effective communicative relationships.


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