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Best Pictures to Use For Your Tinder Profile | Which Pictures to Use for Online Dating?

Which pictures should you use on your online dating profile? A headshot? A social one? A sporty one? One with females? Holiday pictures? There are so many different types and the usual (crappy) advice that you get from mainstream sources is totally useless so I decided to make this video to help you all out.

How To Send That First Message On Tinder

“How do I message a girl on Tinder? I don’t want to mess it up!” This is a very common question that I’m always being asked and I completely understand. Women are receiving messages left, right and centre online and are often overwhelmed that they don’t respond to every message they receive.

5 Signs That She’s Into You

Men’s dating tips – five signs that she’s into you. Another dating video guys! We explain five ways in which a girl will show you that she is into you.

1. When women play with their hair..

Back to Basics: Six Tips to Optimise Your Tinder or Swipe Dating Account From the Bottom Up

First things first every tinder advice article gives the same old tips some of which are useless and others which genuinely can help to optimise an account. Well, I should say an account which is already half decent! Sadly most guys don’t even have a half-decent account so unless you are a tinder god then you can definitely benefit from this blog.