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4 Date Vibe Killers

Accessories are an extension of yourself. Men sometimes forget that it’s also crucial in one’s style and how you present yourself. Today, I discussed some of the small but essential things women notice on the dates they might find off-putting.

Who Should Pay On The First Date? Should Women Pay On The First Date

Do you always pay for the date? Well, let me tell you, YOU should! A gentleman always pays on the first date. It’s customary that men always pay on the first date regardless of whether you invited her or she invited you.

Why Do Men Cheat on Beautiful Women?! l The Real Reason Men Cheat

And why does he goes for the unattractive women? It’s because it’s easy! He knows he can easily call her and get whatever he wants. With that kind of attitude, it doesn’t make a man superior but it’s pity for him because he already has a woman who values him and he trashed her.

Is Online Dating Unfair For Men? | Why is Online Dating So Hard for Guys?

“Why am I not getting any matches online?” is a problem many of my clients confront me with over and over again..

In terms of interest and matches, yes women have the advantage. Even an average woman gets more attention in the online dating world than men. What more for an attractive woman. But what is the real reason it’s unfair to men?

Is the Pickup Industry a Scam? | Do Pickup Artist Techniques Really Work?

Is the pickup industry a Scam? Do pickup artist techniques really work? Should you hire a PUA to help you get girls? 

It is a business. A business that sells dreams means, a lot of those are just fantasies and in reality, nothing is happening. They sell a quick fix and don’t offer long-term service that can really help men. There’s no quick fix on this. If you really want the real results, you have to work on yourself and look for credible life and relationship coach.

How To Get Girls Out Of Your League EASILY | She’s Out Of My League

She’s out of my league – how do I get her to go out with me? She’s way too hot for me! I’d never get a girl like that, there’s no way. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve been asked this question. So, I decided to make a video about it..