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Be Like The Tinder Swindler (Yes Really!) | What Men Can Man Learn From Simon Leviev

Be like the Tinder Swindler? Be like Simon Leviev? What are you talking about Ollie?! The guy’s a crook! We’ll never know the truth of the situation. We could speculate and gossip about him..

Why Online Dating is RUINING Women | The DARK Side of Online Dating

Online Dating has had a huge positive impact on society, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. It provided a platform for people to be introduced to each other and many happy couples were formed as a result. But no one talks about the ‘Dark Side’ of Online Dating. Especially psychologically.

Do You Need Instagram for Tinder? | Is Instagram Necessary for Dating?

“If I’m on Tinder – do I need to be on Instagram?’ a client of mine recently asked and I thought ‘What a great question!’. Is Instagram going to help you get more numbers and dates? My answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’..

When Do You Exchange Numbers on Tinder? | Online Dating WHEN to Swap Numbers

You’ve sorted out your online dating profile.. You’ve matched with a girl that you like.. The conversation is going good.. But how do you take the conversation off of the app? How do you ask her for her phone number?

Why Didn’t She Respond to my Text? | Why Didn’t She Reply?

I go through the real reason why girls aren’t responding to your messages. You need to invest in your profile! It’s not rocket science. I help so many guys with their online dating profiles to achieve the success that they’re looking for. Invest in good pictures for your bio. Do not use the common, generic, and cliches openers like “Hi”, “How you doin?”. Instead, base your first message on her pictures.

3 Mistakes Guys ALWAYS Make on Tinder | Online Dating Mistakes Guys Make On Tinder

In this video, I go through the 3 most common mistakes guys always make on Tinder. I see these mistakes happening time and time again and I cannot believe sometimes how guys cannot see what they’re doing wrong.

Is Online Dating Unfair For Men? | Why is Online Dating So Hard for Guys?

“Why am I not getting any matches online?” is a problem many of my clients confront me with over and over again..

In terms of interest and matches, yes women have the advantage. Even an average woman gets more attention in the online dating world than men. What more for an attractive woman. But what is the real reason it’s unfair to men?

Does Tinder Work for Guys? | Does Online Dating Really Work?

Does Tinder actually work for guys? Or is it a big money-making scam? Most guys find themselves disillusioned after trying Tinder or Match.com for the first time as they, more often than not, get zero matches. Instead of looking at why they’re not getting any matches they start to find reasons and excuses such as ‘Tinder is a scam’ or ‘Tinder isn’t real”.

Sending That First Message on Tinder (Real Screenshots)

Don’t use common words like beautiful, sexy, or cute. Be creative, instead use exquisite, charming, or magnificent. She will get the impressions that you’re not like any other man who uses boring and repeated words. Tease her by saying “You must have hundreds of men admiring you” and follow up with something about you like “But they’re not English men of the highest quality like me!”. She will surely find it charming and a bit quirky. Be humourous as every woman likes that!

What to do When She DOESN’t Reply! Send Her This to Make Her Respond..

“She didn’t text me back!?” one of my clients tells me.. What should he do? Should he text back? Or ignore and move on?

It depends.. Watch this video and find out exactly how to follow up with a girl when she doesn’t respond to your initial message or when she did reply but has since not been responsive.