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How To Look Good In The Office | Office Fashion for Men

Make no mistake gentleman, looking good in the office will make a difference to your entire life. If you make the right effort, people will take notice and will perceive you differently. They will respect you more and you never know who you might meet on your commute or during your lunch or coffee break.

Tinder Makeover James Tusk | Men’s Fashion Makeover | Tinder Coach

In this video, we give the one and only James Tusk a fashion makeover in order to do a complete overhaul of his Tinder account. James is big into Daygame and has been super successful himself and teaching others his tricks of the trade too.

Men’s Summer Fashion Look 2021 | Summer Fashion for Men 2021

I had to make a video about this new look that I put together for a client.,. t’s really simple but so powerful at the same time!I love the simple colours and the fit makes all the difference. Use silver link chains. You can stack them or just use one. Add nice sunglasses because it’s summer!

How To Wear Skinny Joggers For Men | Wear Skinny Tracksuit Bottoms

How to wear skinny joggers properly. Jogging bottoms, joggers, tracksuit bottoms or sweatpants. They have many different names but they’re essentially the same thing. They’re actually in fashion now in a really big way so I wanted to show everyone how to wear skinny joggers properly so you’re up to date with the current fashion trends..