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What To Text A Girl Who Has Stopped Responded | How To Get A Girl To Text You Back

Everything was going really well until suddenly she just didn’t text back? Why didn’t she text back? What did you say? What did you do wrong?

4 Tips For Men to Make You More Instantly Attractive

We show you four basic tips which, if followed, will instantly make you a more attractive man. These tips aren’t complicated. Simple tips like skincare – look after your skin! Facewash.. Moisturiser.. Exfoliators..

5 Characteristics of Confident People

In this video, we cover 5 characteristics of confident people, in particular handsome men. Do you want to be that guy that walks into a room and everyone takes notice of how confident that guy is? Follow the tips in this video and you will be that guy..

11 Surprising Things Women Find Unattractive in Men

We hit the streets of London to ask women what they think about men’s fashion and style and what turns them off. We’ve listed below the common things women find unattractive in men..