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4 Date Vibe Killers

Accessories are an extension of yourself. Men sometimes forget that it’s also crucial in one’s style and how you present yourself. Today, I discussed some of the small but essential things women notice on the dates they might find off-putting.

Dating Red Flags in a Woman | Common Red Flags in a Relationship

Are you wondering how to spot red flags when you’re out dating? Are you not sure whether or not her behaviour sometimes is positive or negative?

Who Should Pay On The First Date? Should Women Pay On The First Date

Do you always pay for the date? Well, let me tell you, YOU should! A gentleman always pays on the first date. It’s customary that men always pay on the first date regardless of whether you invited her or she invited you.

Why Did Her Feelings Towards Me Change So Suddenly? | When a Girl Gets “The Ick”

Have you ever taken a girl home, everything’s going well, you’re kissing each other and being playful and then all of a sudden.. She gets “The Ick”.. The Ick?

Is She Likely To Cheat? Signs She’s Cheating On You

How do you know if a girl is going to cheat on you? What are the tell-tale signs? What should I look out for? Do all women cheat? Or just some?

The Average Guy Has NO CHANCE in Online Dating | Why You Can’t Be Average in 2022

The stakes have been raised to the point where being average now means being below average. You cannot be moderate these days if you want to succeed in anything – especially online dating.

Are You Dating A Cheat? l Signs Your Partner is Cheating On You

How do you know if your partner is cheating on you? It only happens in the movies right? Or on TV? It could never happen to you? Could it? Yes, it could!

Be Like The Tinder Swindler (Yes Really!) | What Men Can Man Learn From Simon Leviev

Be like the Tinder Swindler? Be like Simon Leviev? What are you talking about Ollie?! The guy’s a crook! We’ll never know the truth of the situation. We could speculate and gossip about him..

Should You Text Her? | Should You Text Girls? | Responding to @trippadvice

One of my clients sent me this video and asked me what I thought so I decided to share my opinion in this video. Should you text girls? Does it make you a low-value man if you do?

Casual Dating Tips | How To Date Someone Casually

Are you looking for a casual relationship but not sure how to go about it? Is it ok to have a casual relationship? Will people think I’m a bad person? Do women even like casual relationships? How to date someone casually is something that I’ve started to get asked more and more so I thought I would address the topic in this video.