Summer Fashion For Bald Men Part I | Bald Men Fashion Urban Streetwear Looks | Bald Men Style

Alright fellas, today we are covering a more street wear based style for those of you out there who are going bald. If you are losing your hair, you want to dress accordingly. We have done a previous video on fashion for bald men, this is going to be very similar, except we will break it in to two parts. The next one will cover the more smart casual fashion.

So on the last video, we were pushing a more vintage, faded vibe. If you have that style in your wardrobe, perfect. If not, then head out to a thrift store, get some shirts exactly like the one I am wearing. However, you don’t need to buy vintage, many high street brands do  faux vintage. Check out All Saint’s for these kind of clothes, they are well made and look great.

This Rock N Roll vibe works perfectly for the mature fellas out there, check out how we are wearing the shirts as well. Open or done up, they look great.

Also, band t shirts! Yes, vintage Snoop Dogg, G N R, Metallica, any of these will work perfectly. It is a throwback to an era that you were a part of, people will see that you still carry that part of your life with you as your identity, that you are still young at heart. AKA, cool!

Now, for shorts, you want ones which come up above the knee, a few small rips are fine, if the shorts come below your knee then roll them up. They will look fine. A bomber jacket like the black one flashing up at 5:12.  All Saints again, timeless yet current, exactly what you want.

For shoes, wear Converse, Vans or Nike Air Max 95’s. Simple, but effective. Top this all off with some silver jewelry and a clean pair of Aviators, you are good to go!


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