Summer Fashion For Bald Men Part 2 | Bald Men Fashion High End Professional Look | Bald Men Style

Hello Fellas,

So today is the second installment to our summer fashion for the bald man series, for this episode, we are thinking a slightly higher end vibe, one more suitable for dates, evenings out clubbing or dining at the restaurant. These styles are classic, high market and cool.

So, I am not bald, however, I am an image consultant. Through years of trial and error, these are the tips I have discovered that work the best.

Our first tip is to get this high-end look is to wear a crisp white shirt, if you are in the gym, get a muscle fit shirt. if you are holding weight, get a linin crisp white shirt, which will hide that belly. You can also try the collarless shirt, it is very in trend at the moment.

Our next point for you baldies out there (Just kidding) our short shorts. They are current, cool, everyone who knows fashion will understand that this fit is what is currently killing it. it will complement the shirt, very slick, very sharp!  If you have good legs you can either go a couple of inches shorter!

On the foot, try some deck shoes, Weejuns, match them with a thatched white belt. You could also try a classic loafer or if you want to go high-end extreme, try a high-quality brogue. All of these will work perfectly. The main point to remember is to wear ankle socks, or just roll without if you don’t mind losing a bit of comfort factor.

Finally, try a sky blue, or white and blue blazer. A slight pinstripe will work, top it off with a pair or RayBans. If you don’t like wearing shorts, try some sky blue skinny jeans. This, my bald friends will make you look amazing.

There we have it guys, fashion for the bald guy in the summertime.


Ollie Pearce

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