Striped Trousers For Men | Men’s Summer Trousers 2018 | How To Wear Striped Trousers For Men

Hey Fellas.

Today we are covering the best trousers for summer 2018. We are in Topman, they are a highstreets brand that you can find throughout most countries in Europe. Let’s start with the plimsolls, for only £35.00 who can complain! Typically, if you wanted a more high-end alternative, we would choose the Saint Laurent plimsolls that are mega popular at the moment.

Needless to say we are going to wear no socks. This is to do with the trousers we have chosen, these cropped side-striped trousers! These are really the focal point of the entire look, they are extremely current. Note the strings/fastenings almost like a tracksuit bottom would have.

When I first saw this trend, I thought they looked totally weird, these are more common in black and white, although these colours work. They retailed for a mere £40.00.

Moving up to the top of our look, we chose this oversized traditional cut T-Shirt which only cost £5.00! This is smart casual, trendy, cool and will work perfectly on a date.

This is the look, it will get you love, so copy it!

Thank you for watching.


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