Skinny Retro Tracksuit Bottoms | Vintage Sportswear | Men’s Fashion Trends 2018 / 2019

Alright Fellas,

Today we have another fashion video for you, and this one is about retro tracksuit bottoms and vintage sports branding. This is the current trend, has made a massive comeback, so get in on the hype because it is cheap and looks cool!

Check out this T-Shirt, note the old logo, we want vintage sports branding. Fila, Nike, Kappa, etc… Think simple, old school, you don’t want it to have a modern aesthetic. Because you are pairing it with the vintage retro skinny tracksuit bottoms.

As is the case with many trousers and jeans, this single stripe is in trend, the zips at the bottom add to whole vintage throwback vibe. This is urban style, streetwear, not a chavvy tracksuit you might see on Jeremy Kyle. It could be in any colour, the fabric is important, not cotton, it wants to be nylon. That shell-suit material. Five years ago this would be fashion suicide, but like everything it goes out then comes back in.

Paired with the Vans, you have a cool, casual, retro, streetwear/sporty look that is currently killing the fashion world, these type of tracksuit bottoms are in more or less every highstreet shop so it will not be hard to replicate. The Vans are timeless as well, everyone should own a pair!

Get shopping Fellas!


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