Rockstar Fashion – How to Dress Like a Rockstar

For today’s video, we are talking about Rock and Roll Fashion. We will show you two different styles – the Rockstar and the Roadie. For the Rockstar style, we are using high-end ensembles, outfits that you can usually see on celebrities and musicians. On the other hand, we are using a vintage, weathered, outfit for a more street look.

The Roadie look doesn’t necessarily mean you are going on tour, but a rougher around the edges less polished look. The first step to achieving this look is messy hair or bed hair. Look for a leather jacket that is a little torn, the older the jacket the better. Underneath a faded plain shirt or one that has a bit of design is fine. For the pants, look for the faded or ripped ones and old shoes specifically loafers or brogue. To complete the look, use silver accessories. 

The Rockstar look has a more polished look to it. Sleek back hair, classic trench coat, skinny tie, and smart black shirt inside. New black skinny jeans, and new brogues to complete a polished Rockstar look.

Two different looks but in the same theme of fashion. If you are having a casual meeting or going on a date you can go to the more polished Rockstar look and if you are going to a pub, hanging out with your friends you can go to the Roadie style. 

Thanks for watching and see you on the next video!

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