H&M Rock N Roll £150 Style Challenge 2018 | How To Dress Like A Rockstar On A Budget

Ok Fellas, today we are doing another H&M style challenge, we are going to try and capture a high end / Club ready style while also hitting those Rock N Roll vibes. We want it to be cheap, ideally, under £150, we want it to be Rocking and want it to be versatile! So, let’s see what they have in store for us today. Will we get kicked out? Let’s find out.

Here we have the full outfit, let’s start with the Chelsea Boots, these are timeless. They look great with a pair of skinny jeans and will have you looking ready for the nightclub for only £35.00. At least you don’t have to worry about ruining your shoes while you are out getting drunk, or doing whatever it is you Rock N Roll dudes do these days!

As you can see we had to keep it all black, go with those typical Rock N Roll / Indie style choices, the black skinny jeans, you can’t go wrong, they will look great with other pieces of clothing. Let’s say with a different shirt and a pair of brogues – you can go for something way less edgy, maybe more of a low-key restaurant ready outfit you could say. The jeans only cost £25.99, that is a great price, let’s be honest. H&M know what they are doing when it comes to affordable denim.

Next up we have this Black Flower shirt, a very low-key design that is pleasing to the eye and of course doesn’t break the bank at all! How much you ask? £20.00, this is my favourite item out of the whole haul. It is versatile but works best with the all black Indie aesthetic, remember we want an outfit that is Rock N Roll but will also get you into a club, this is perfect for that.

We then have this fake shearling jacket, it is fake suede but looks legit, and no animals have been hurt – Bono would be proud! This is in trend, if it was real it would knock you back a few hundred pounds easily. The suede material of the jacket matches the boots, and then we have this fedora hat.  This is a staple of Rock N Roll / Indie fashion, let’s think Pete Docherty, minus the crippling heroin addiction of course!

The glasses are only £7.99, that along with the fedora is optional if you are more of a denim man we have this black denim faux shearling jacket that you could replace the suede one with. It costs the exact same as the other one at £50.00 so it is totally up to you.

Ok, fellas, here we have our final score – only £130 – a masterful style challenge if I may say so myself, we managed to stay under the £150 price point while ticking all the boxes we wanted to hit. The Club ready, yet Rock N Roll outfit – perfect! Go to your local H&M, buy this outfit, it rocks, we love it, thank you for watching, more style challenges coming soon!


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