New Year Resolution Ideas 2018 | New Year’s Resolutions | How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Hello fellas, today’s video is about new year’s resolutions and how to achieve the goals you want to, there are a few things to do to achieve them. Our first point is picking the right resolutions, people aim way too high.

They then fail, get demotivated and then fall back into all of the old negative habits that lead them to where they are.

Pick one, make sure it is important to you, but also achievable. Cut down the massive list, pick only one – and make sure you want it. Don’t do it because society or your mother wants you to, do it because it is what you want!

Check out our video on weight loss, for instance – focusing on one thing like that, maybe joining the gym, make smaller goals, and next year build on your achievements made this year.

Secondly, be methodical, make a plan, remember the saying “Small steps make big leaps”, if it is weight loss, create a diet plan, if you are going to start a business, for instance, for week one find out how much it costs to create a website for your business.

Week two, you plan the look of the website, week three contact the web designer to create the site, week four create an ethos and a mission statement. This way you cross the bridge when it comes to it, not planning massive leaps where you end up falling and get nowhere.

Small steps will get you there in the end, remember that slow and steady wins the race! Be patient, have a positive mind frame, know your limitations and weaknesses so they don’t cause you to fail.

Thank you for watching, good luck with the resolutions, think positive, you can do it!


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