Model Fashion Advice | Casting Outfit | Date | Smart Casual | Men’s Fashion 2019

Hey Fellas,

In this video we show what I wear as to castings. As many of you know, I am a model, castings are what we go to when we are trying to get a job, or picked for a campaign, etc. Ir is very important to look good, and I thought it would be great video to show as what I am wearing is trendy, cool, looks great and would work for a night out or first date.

It isn’t a very complicated video, our outfit for that matter.

We will start out with what I am wearing on my feet, I have chosen the Adidas Yeezy’s 700 Boost, do not be confused, this is a fashion sneaker, it is high end and a totally different category from a Nike Air Max for instance. I have chosen these cropped trousers, these cut are incredibly popular at the moment. You are not meant to wear socks with them.

Then on top I am simply wearing a grey t shirt, they match with the Yeezy’s and let me jewelry pop more than if I had a loud shirt or jumper on. This whole outfit is simple, easy and looks great. That is why Io thought this was a great video to release, you can get a very similar pair of trousers in any highstreet shop and the t shirt obviously is easy to copy/replicate.

There we have it fellas, my casting outfit!

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