Mens Hats – The Best Hats For Men

Hey Fellas,

Today we’re going to talk about our favourite and current hats for men. We have a fine selection which you can pair with any outfit and occasion. In the first category are the urban hats or the hip-hop type of hats that is particularly in demand in black culture and fashion. But now it’s massive and popular with a lot of men.

In the second category, we have the smart type of hats which are appropriate for specific occasions or weather. 

The first hat in the urban category is a Beanie. Plain, simple, yet hip-hop-style beanie.

Next are sun hats. Some people may call it lame and out of style but sun hats can be very cool.

Last in the category is the snapback. These hats are very popular with the hip-hop culture, skaters, and rappers. 

Moving to the second category is the bobble hat. A very fun hat and can be cool. Usually perfect for the cold season.

Next are Grandad Cap/Flat Cap. Suits very well with tweed jackets and blazers.

Lastly is the classic, Trilby hat. Perfect for a smart-casual outfit. 

There we have our favourite, classic, and popular hats. Any of these worn with the perfect combination of outfits will be a dynamite look for you guys out there. 

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