Men’s Fashion Trends 2018: Vertical Striped Shirts & Cropped Trousers | Awesome Outfit From TOPMAN

Hi Fellas, today we are back in the changing rooms, hiding from the staff on the shop floor to bring you more men’s fashion goodness! Don’t say we don’t care, we are risking it all for you!

Topman is the shop we have chosen, they have been on fire this year and really on point when it comes to having the hottest fashion trends available in store. Today we are going to highlight two of those, cropped trousers and vertical striped shirts.

The Vertical striped shirt you see in the video retails for £30.00. It has a bowling team/seventies porn star vibe, very retro, classic, note the longer sleeves on the shirt. You want to have a few buttons undone so the chain you are wearing is on show, the accessories/ jewelry is a massive factor in spicing the look up and adding character.

As we move down the look, we have these cropped trousers which we think look mega cool, they have these fastenings that you would typically find on tracksuit bottoms. So, they are comfortable, which is a bonus, but the main point is that they look great! They have a very subtle pinstripe effect going on, it adds a little pop but nothing to loud to clash with the pattern of the shirt. They both complement one another perfectly.  For £35.00, you can’t do better!

This has been a summer smash, you might say “Ollie, winter is approaching you idiot, this is 4 months too late”. My answer to you good sir, is add a layer! This is still a hot look, wear a coat. You can wear this all the way into 2019, it hasn’t been overkilled and still has a lot of life in it.

Finally, on foot, we have these brogues with a chunky sole, almost a hybrid between a brogue and a plimsoll. They look cool, they work in with the current trend/vibe. They are by a concession by Hudson in Topman and retail for £60.00. White plimsolls or leather brogues would also work with the outfit.

So, there we have it guys, that’s it, make sure you like and leave a comment, we appreciate all the support.


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