How To Write The Ultimate Online Dating Profile

I’ve already shown you the most common mistakes in the world of online dating and also how to take the ultimate online dating profile pictures in part 1 of this blog. If you haven’t already, be sure to check it out “How To Achieve The Strongest Online Dating Profile | Online Dating Help | Part One“ “ ( In this blog post, I will be talking about another area of major importance when learning how to create the ultimate online dating profile which is so often ignored.

I will be talking about your ‘written content’ and why it will make a huge difference to your success rate.

If you are not getting the ideal results, then you need to write your profile using this formula.

Online dating has absolutely taken over the way people are meeting and dating and sleeping with each other. Some questionable statistic I read the other day claimed in the next ten years 60 percent of couples in the USA will meet online. Whether this is complete rubbish or not it’s undeniable that online dating is a massive resource in the modern dating arena.

Most couples are meeting online now, if your profile isn’t perfect you are simply at a massive disadvantage.

I regularly see clients who have optimistically compiled their very best photos carefully written a profile and … nada!!! They are getting zero real success’ and are baffled and frustrated at getting low quality or any matches on tinder whatsoever. Fed up with sending out hundreds of hopeful messages on Eharmony or and being met with minimal response. Constant online knockbacks are demoralising for anyone and make the whole modern digital dating scene an extremely perplexing place. Time and time again I have seen guys give up and resign themselves to a life of porn. Furthermore, if you are unlucky enough to have friends who are successful online daters it can be more than frustrating and actually a source of real upset jealousy and depression. You feel like the whole world is dating and laughing and having sex and you’re just at home and probably the most unattractive dude in history!

So, what is it about some guys who have the formula nailed. Is it purely good looks? No, it most certainly isn’t as the photo guide in part 1 of this blog demonstrates. Firstly, the key is admitting the completely superficial nature of online dating and nailing those photos. However, once you have hit those perfectly posed and styled images with vibrant and meaningful location and you think you’re going to get out there and smash it…. you remember the damn written profile. The profile text although not as important as the photo is also a powerful tool and another essential element of any paid site although of way less importance on swipe sites.

So In this blog, I will show you the rules behind building the perfect profile.

The easiest way to break it down is to think of the personality traits of the ideal man in the eyes of the single female:

You will need to meet her standards, which all of these categories serve to fulfill.
  • Good Sense Of Humor

  • Ambitious/Hardworking

  • Has Depth/Spiritual

  • Sporty/Active

  • Like To Travel

  • Likes Arts/Culture

  • Doesn’t Take Himself Too Seriously

  • Successful

She needs to see you as a great potential prospect.

So we must write short punchy paragraphs laced with these traits. There is a reason I have put a sense of humour first as a funny profile is always the best and some people maybe attracted more to an ambitious career man whereas others maybe go for the spiritual traveler type.

What we can guarantee is that no matter a female’s preference she will always be attracted to a good sense of humour. That all said what if we can be the spiritual career big shot who works hard and rewards his true hippy soul with travel and culture and keeps his ambitious self in check through his charity work and meditation. Sounds impressive right?

The key is the ability to mix up these values some of which are kind of conflicting, as is the case with the career man who is also a bit of a hippy. Make it funny and bursting with these traits and who wouldn’t want to meet you!


Below is an example of an ideal profile with a great balance of all of the desired traits. I have purposely made it fairly long to give you an idea of how to effectively use language and humor to tease yourself in a date-friendly manner. Hopefully, this length will also mean more areas will resonate with more readers. Furthermore, I have made notes on the key structure to be followed.


Keep it simple and literally just introduce yourself. Let them know where you are from originally and where you are now and if possible make a witty comment about your cultural identity playing on a stereotype is an easy way to do so.

“Hey, my name is James and I’m originally from Cornwall. Yes, it’s the countryside I hear you say! No, I don’t speak like a farmer and believe I am only slightly inbred. I have however now moved to the big city to embrace my inner Londoner leave my lowly rural roots and begin my empire!’


Nobody wants to date a loser so the first area to dive into is your background to show your high value and that you are a hard working successful guy. Note how we have balanced the work based info with his conflicting “true hippy self”. The picture of a financially stable hard-working, well-educated man who is actually far from obsessed with money and is actually a charitable hippy type is emerging. A very attractive prospect indeed. Making the joke about wanker and banker shows he is aware of the negative connotations of his profession, by doing so is thus disproving them and shows he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

I studied economics at Nottingham University which was a strange choice seeing as I’m a bit of a hippy at heart and probably should have opted for something way more meaningful than the accumulation of wealth and spreadsheets. Alas, I was seduced by the rat race and ended up working in canary wharf as a wanker .. I mean banker. Haha the stereotype isn’t always true I’m a Pretty decent fella and I even volunteer at a soup kitchen.

So, we know how to wear shorts but what do we wear on top? Do we walk around topless showing off our beer bellies? Of course not! Unless you have a defined six-pack, do us all a favour and cover yourself up!

The Real You

It’s best to just pick a few areas which you can offer a bit more depth on rather than roll off a huge list of everything you have ever enjoyed from comic books to wake Boarding. Furthermore, you may have a huge variety of interests. However, if we mention too many they lack detail and we can not give a sense of the persona we wish to transmit. Furthermore, ask yourself are my interests appealing to a female? If it’s as mundane as “spending time with my family and friends “ or as masculine as “repairing cars” then leave it out.

I absolutely love yoga it helps me to relax and shake off the stress of the working week and plus i am now mega bendy! If that is a good thing…

Travel and Depth

I consider myself to be very spiritual I love to meditate and travel. I have travelled all over the world from Madagascar to Kenya to the Philippines. For me, there is nothing more thrilling than the feeling of stepping off a plane and being immersed in a strange and beautiful new culture and climate. I believe the world is still full of beauty and beautiful of souls despite the fact that I live in London! I believe in some higher spiritual purpose pushing us all to a goal and hope mine is not just to top up my Oyster card on a Monday morning!

Active Pastimes

It’s always good to include an account of your physical prowess to show you are active and take care of your body which means you should be a good sexual prospect. Martial Sra has also been dealt with as an activity of mental refining. This saying I’m a peaceful loving man and would never hurt a fly. However, I have the ability of pushed to demonstrate great strength and protect my partner. Again very attractive.

I love to keep fit and have studied martial arts since childhood but consider myself a pacifist! For me, martial arts is about discipline and inner strength… Unless someone cusses my mum then they getting a slap! Ha ha …I love to cook and must be the only man working in banking on earth who actually wants to cook for his women…

Closing Statement

Finally, we come to a brief snappy finish. A declaration of what he wants showing he has high standards and deserves an amazing partner. Readers should feel blown away by his personality and will want to qualify themselves to be the women who has the qualities to date such a rounded and interesting man. Finally, we finish with a joke and the perfect ambiance has been set. We generally favour classic, fitted, single colour t-shirts. For those of you who want to inject some colour and detail into your summer style, then band merchandise is a great choice of t-shirt to go for.

So, there we have it guys, the perfect profile. The truth is on any of the proper dating sites, or more serious ones, you must have a really well-written profile in order to compete with the other top male prospects. In the coming weeks, I will be talking about how to message women properly through online dating platforms, which is equally as important.

I’ve been helping men design and create their perfect online dating profiles for years and would be happy to help you if you need any help with your Tinder, Facebook or profile (as well as any others).
I’m a professional model so can teach you how to pose and dress in order to capture the best images to use. I know exactly how to write compelling content which highlights the areas of your lifestyle in an intriguing subtle way without showing off.
Sound good? Book in a free consultation with me now by calling me on 07899914282 or email me at

Good luck fellas!

Ollie Pearce

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