How To Style Men’s Oversized T-Shirts 2017 | Men’s Guide to Oversized Fashion Trends 2017

Hello guys,

Today we are in H&M, on this brief episode we are showing you how to wear oversized vests. We think these bigger vests are the better choice than the typical tight white vest, you may think “Ollie, I want to show my gains, the bigger vest will hide my gains?”. My friend, you are wrong, not only does it look way better but it also shows gains, roll up the sleeves to show those guns, we are no longer in the 90’s!

This baggy white vest looks great and is only £3.99, the perfect size, that is a large on me, if you are smaller maybe go for a medium but refer back to the video if you are not sure. This oversized jumper looks amazing, this is the perfect fit – note that it is only a medium.

The bad white shirt example is way too tight, if you have no gains, it will show them, and the next bad example which is the vest with that all saints vibe is over, back is 2008 it was the wave, however it is no more, if you have no gains under no circumstance wear something like that.

The oversized grey jumper is our pick of the day, it was only £20.00, the vest was £4.00 and the T-shirt was £12.99.

Make sure you check out our next video, let us know what you thought of this one and contact us for a personal one to one consultation!

Ollie Pearce

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