How to Style Jewellery | How to Layer Chains & Match Rings

Hey Fellas,

For this video we are going to show you how to layer, mix, match and combine accessories and jewelry. Firstly, check out our outfit, very summer-ish. Very current, these cropped trousers I am wearing in the video are very stylish and trendy, everyone is wearing them. You don’t need to go crazy on this look, wear a plain black t shirt, this makes it a great outfit because it is easy but still fashionable.

The fact we are wearing a plain t shirt makes the jewelry pop more!

The first rule is to always wear real silver! No cheap steel!

The necklace combination is the main part of this look, check out the length. We do not want long chains, in this video the shorter chain is 16 inches and the longer one is 18 inches. The layered effect works way better like this and it is very popular within hip-hop and rap music currently. This combination of the steel Rolex and silver bangle is also another key part, the watch pairs nicely with our silver jewelry. Our rings are mega cool, the stones are really popular as far as men’s fashion trends. You know my signature earring, again matching the theme of the outfit.

The t shirt cost £10, and the trousers were £30 from TOPMAN. All in all a really simple look which was taken to the next level with the accessories.

Stay posted for more fashion content!


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