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Good afternoon gentlemen!

Today’s video is Basics of The Model Body, I am a professional model so I must take this very seriously – these are the steps that I follow to make sure I am ripped and looking on point for my work. To make it simple for you, I will break it down into seven points. if you follow them, you will get ripped, fast! Let’s check out these seven tips.

For Number One, you want to follow a Palaeolithic diet, it is effectively a caveman diet – if you can’t fish it, hunt it, pull it out the ground or off a tree, don’t eat it! Who knew Fred Flintstone was so healthy?

Number Two is to ignore conventional meal times, you don’t need a massive breakfast, or a huge lunch, eat when you are hungry. Follow the Palaeolithic model and don’t eat because it is one in the afternoon and everyone is on lunch, if you are satisfied with your snacking, then skip that meal! Small portions and high in protein is the key as well.

Point Three is don’t binge eat in the evenings, you put on way more weight and you will end up storing all those carbs, turning them in to fat and putting on weight in the end. Eight in the evening is the cut-off point, if you must go to bed hungry then that must be so, do not break this rule!

Point Four is to plan when you are going to take on your carbs, if you work out have them about 45 minutes before working out, you will end up burning them off because your body will need the energy! Be strict, save those carbs for pre-workout meals, it will help massively!

Point Five is to keep your house baron, do not put yourself in the temptation zone. Plan your sources, cook up a massive bowl of brown rice at the start of the week, eat sweet potatoes. Cook in bulk, add to your protein sources and you are good to go!

Point Six is simply to work your legs out, they burn a lot of fat, and you produce lots of testosterone when you do squats or something like that because they are massive muscles and need it to stimulate muscle growth. That will, in turn, burn fat, and keep you ripped!

Finally, Point Seven is about getting the perfect abs! The key to abs is these six points put together and of course, how you work them out, check out our previous video where we show you some tips on how to do it the right way! You will be a member of the church of the gains in no time!


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