How to achieve the strongest online dating profile

In past few years, it was often considered a bit uncool to be looking for dates online and I would hear only too often from friends and clients that the online dating scene “isn’t for me and I prefer to meet women in the flesh in public”.

However gradually there has been a massive shift making it the absolute norm and now when someone says they don’t online date they are massively in the minority and leave me thinking why?

This is a cool example of a geezer/lad around town outfit, one that will work great online.

Why would any man surpass the easiest and most cost-efficient medium by which they can get chatting to an everlasting stream of suitable partners? The truth to his question is now not because such men don’t want to get online dates. But because they can’t. They feel lost in this new world and think they can never compete as they simply don’t take good pictures and will get passed over for more conventionally attractive guys.

Online dating and the obtaining of dates is extremely superficial. Initial attraction and thus the traction your profile creates is decided purely by the strength of your photos. Note how I said strength. Very often men who consider themselves unattractive or non-photogenic give up instantly.

However, as I will now explain you don’t have to look like Johnny Depp to create pictures that women will find attractive. That all said let’s break down this category into a further three categories.

Style, Image and photos

This is a cool picture of a guy smiling, the setting is cool and he is dressed up. It shows that you are comfortable, social and likeable.

The side profile brooding shot is a formidable part of anyone’s online profile – imagine looking out to sea, slightly squinting the eyes, shot slightly from the side. It is that sort of vibe.

Style and Image

Style is probably way more attractive for the average man than his physical appearance. Many guys forget that women are an altogether more decent reflection of humanity than men when it comes to sex and partnering. Women don’t base their choices on lovers purely on there looks like guys do. A female online dater will obviously try to find a man she thinks is hot to date as at the end of the day if he physically repulses her the sex isn’t likely to be good now is it.

However what makes a man “attractive” to women is way more about his overall style and thus his identity and social status. With this in mind, we now see the massive importance of fashion and aligning oneself with the “cool people”. Women will sacrifice model looks for a man who has a calculated image, knows how to dress well and invests in his own brand.

This is an example of a good picture to take in a restaurant.

Basically, if you dress like a desirable cool social character that’s what you become online. If you have zero sense of style the perhaps give me a shout and I can let you know how I can help. Or at least do some research ( watch our channel) and make sure you are aligned with current fashion trends. I can not remember how many times I have talked to women who have told me their ex or their partner is “not typically my type but I just love his style”.

I have never heard a man say this in all my fifteen years as. After coach and stylist. Get into the mindset of a female and you can learn how to appeal to them. A few starter tips to improve your image in photos are. Either select one fashion genre research it and stick to it depending on what suits your age and situation best. The following are the most attractive styles when done properly.


Modern streetwear examples, skinny jeans, trainers, trench-coats, etc.
This is a perfect example of a current, cool Rock N Roll style.
This is a good example of a high end outfit, note the blazer, matching belt and brogues.

The above images set the tone for these fashion genres. Which are also easily googleable. If you consider yourself an eclectic guy, and this is especially pertinent for the younger men reading this blog, then it’s very effective to mix up the categories to show a variation in your personal style the key is to do it well! Buy new clothes and don’t cut corners. Just one bad shirt or pair of shoes totally destroys the whole vibe. Fashion can’t be done in bits.

So your not a great looking guy. Oh well, that’s who you are and you just have to make the most of it. So first things first if you feel like your batting with a handicap the even the playing field by investing in professional pictures. However, that said you must be extremely careful when choosing who to shoot your photos. The images must feel natural we don’t want studio images with professional lighting or portrait images.

This picture days a lot about your status and wealth, the champagne, the chinging of glasses on a yacht, it projects the notion that you are wealthy and accomplished.

These show you have paid and indicate desperation and over-investment. Here at Make Me That Guy we shoot clients with professional equipment and after effects which are guaranteed to look natural. Women want to see you in your natural state, not an enhanced version of you which doesn’t really indicate anything about your life. If you can’t afford professional advice then follow all the rules in this blog and ask a friend to take photos for you.

Calculate your style as location and take literally hundreds of pictures. Any modeling shoot has thousands of image taken to obtain that one killer image which will sell the brand being pushed. Why should your personal brand be any different? Follow the guidelines on style and posing and shoot until you can’t beat it any longer.

Here are a few examples of the photo types and locations which attract most attention simply choose the ones you believe are most suited to your appearance and copy the style and posing of these guys.

Different Examples Of Pictures

This is a good body shot picture on a beach, it looks natural, isn’t too posy and is decent quality.

This is another good example of a body shot, imagine your typical bathroom mirror body picture compared to this. The horse, location, it all serves a purpose.

Note the backdrop in this one, it as much a part of the picture as showing the body. This is cool, the bathroom mirror with the toilet in the background is not.

Your outfit must work with the background, an urban look would match a graffiti background for instance.

Mix a few of these images in with your best existing social photos. By social photos, I mean shots of you and friends having fun or you at a cool travel location or meeting a celeb. Be careful when selecting your existing images. The first point of attraction is your appearance and even if you are in a photo with Jay z and Beyoncé if you look terrible or your style isn’t on point it has to go.

Check out this picture with a graffiti backdrop. The clothes match the vibe of the background!
Example of a cool high-end classic type in power setting, ie. Central London buses etc looking dynamic.
A final note which is of massive prominence in getting the right images either for growing a string Instagram account or getting dates online is colour and vibrancy. Choose your locations wisely and dress accordingly. Firstly don’t take a shot wearing cool urban gear in your mother’s back garden. The style has to align with the vibe of the outfit

If you want further help with your fashion feel free to drop me an email at We can discuss how I can help you with your individual style so you can look #hotshit.

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