How Do I Touch A Girl On A First Date | Dr Love Episode 4 | Relationship Advice For Men

Hello fellas, today we are here to answer some questions, more importantly, Dr Love is here to answer some questions, from you, the viewers! Needless to say if you have any questions regarding your love life, or dating issues you may have, fire away at – The Doctor shall head your call!

Anyways, today we have a question from Lucas. It reads as such:

“Hi can you answer how or if you even should touch a girl on the 1.Date?

I always somehow screw it up. Last girl i dated i just tried to hold her hand a bit and after that i knew i fucked it up and never saw her again.

Is it even necessary to touch girls on the 1.Date ? I mean even in most YouTube interviews on YouTube like the girls say they don’t like a guy to be touchy-feely.

I also talked with some friends of mine and much told me they don’t touch at all and have their first kiss with the girl on the third date. I always normally kissed on the first date but then somehow screw it up.



The answer here is yes, I think the real question is are you getting the right signals from her, or are you just being touchy feely. The ones who are on the fence are the ones you must be careful with, if they like you then fine, you can go ahead and touch her – if she is in the grey area, then no! Now is she making eye contact, laugh at your jokes and respond well to compliments, then you can gently start to make body contact.

Grabbing a hand is not subtle, it is way too forward, she needs to invite you via indirect signals! Humour is the great killer of silence, make jokes, it shows you are a funny guy, not too serious and that you are easy going. Lean over a little bit in conversation, touch her hand, withdraw after and never look at the hand while doing this – make eye contact all the way. Do this when she makes a joke, or talks about an achievement.

The second touch is on her arm, and the one after that is her shoulder, all this physical contact is gradually opening the door and crossing the awkward boundaries at the start in a covert way. It makes you look good, like a natural, easy going guy – if she doesn’t repel you it shows that she likes you and wants you to do it, start with the smaller touches at the start, and go from there!

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