Hair Loss Shampoo Review – Does It Work?

Alright Fellas,

Today we have a shampoo review, specifically one which can ‘stimulate your hair and promote growth’.  This is for those of you out there suffering from hair loss.  Maybe you are finding a lot of hair in your comb as I had been for the last couple of months. Any man would feel scared at the thought of losing the full head of hair they have had for their whole life, so what are the options? A hair transplant?  Well, of the less extreme options, there are many shampoos and conditioners available you can use that cost a pretty penny. However, there is this new kid on the block, a modestly priced product that is getting decent reviews online and in various publications.

This product comes all the way from Germany, and as we know, the Germans are and have always been ahead of the curve. I gave this product a go for a month, keeping it in my hair for 2 – 5 minutes per daily wash. The results are in, and I must say I am impressed with them. I have been paying attention to the amount of hair coming out in my comb, there is a clear improvement in the amount of hair I have seen getting stuck in it.

So does it work?

I believe so, I feel like my hair is generally more healthy than it was before I started to use it, there has been a reduction in the amount of hair in my comb and I have felt the shampoo to do as it says on the label.

So, fellas, give it a go! Don’t wait for baldness to strike, look after that head of hair and give this Alpecin shampoo a try!


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