Designer Stubble | How To Get The Perfect Stubble | Facial Grooming Tips For Beard Trimming

Hello Fellas,

In today’s video we touch down on how to get the perfect level of stubble, but how to do it the right way! Without taking down too much and then having to keep cutting/shaving to even out the levels of your stubble/beard.

So, what do we mean by designer stubble? Or the “Perfect” Stubble, well, what we mean is a very even, low yet visible length.  It makes a massive difference in how fresh you look. If you have that perfect designer stubble going on it will make you look and feel perfect, on point and of course, well groomed. Now what girl wouldn’t be attracted to that man?

We have various clients who use scissors, there are two simple rules for you to follow.

Rule One…. No scissors.

Rule Two…. No handheld electric shaver, they take it down way too much.

What we want to use is head clippers, the kind you would find in a barber shop. All you want to do is take the guard off them and shave your beard at a grade 0 – the default setting. Even in an office position, we believe you can get away with this clean, subtle yet present level of stubble.

Give it a try and let us know what you think! Check out the rest of the videos on our channel and drop us some feedback in the comment section!

Ollie Pearce

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  1. Beard Mantra
    Beard Mantra says:

    Wow! Great Blog. I’ve learned so much on how to get the perfect stubble facial grooming! I’ll keep that in mind, looking forward to more tips.


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