Cropped Trousers For Men | Men’s Summer Trousers 2018 | How To Wear Cropped Trousers For Men

Hi fellas,

Today we are out and about in the biggest shopping center in the whole of Europe! The glorious haven of shopping and retail goodness, The Westfield in Shepherds Bush! We are here on a mission, what is that I hear you cry? To find you the coolest cropped trousers, for the best price. This leads us to a firm high street fashion favourite when it comes to affordable men’s wear, Topman.

We are hiding in the changing room, as per usual and have found this outfit. It is essentially a follow up from our “side striped trouser” episode that came out two weeks earlier, this time instead of the side-striped goodness we are wearing these cropped trousers. With the exact same shirt on and a fresh pair of plimsolls, who can honestly say this doesn’t look good?

Let’s start with the trousers, the main fixture of this look, the star of the show. What makes them different from most other trousers is the length at which they end on the ankle. They are cropped, this look has been one of the most popular in the fashion world this year, hands down!

It looks great, so that makes sense. You want to wear either ankle socks or none, socks will kill the entire vibe. Pick up a fresh pair of white plimsolls, these cost £35.00. If you have money to splash get a pair of white Saint Laurent plimsolls.

Combining the fresh colour of the shirt along with the plimsolls is a cool, classy outfit perfect for your hot date this Friday! The shirt only cost £7.00, the fresh white T-shirt is always going to look great.

So, there we have it guys, that’s it, make sure you like and leave a comment, we appreciate all the support.


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