Covid 19 and the Dating Scene

An SOS Survival Guide

I am writing this post in the midst of a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. The world is in a stage of unprecedented change and it seems our lives may never be the same again. The impact that COVID-19 has had in all areas of public life are huge and none more so than in our social lives and thus the romantic sphere of dating.

Will I ever get laid again? If so how the hell am I going to meet people? Actual real-life strangers, not hookups have dug up from my phone contacts. New exciting people! People who could be infected, when I’m afraid to go to the local grocery store without a hazmat suit! The fact that we are simply not allowed out of our homes and thus can’t meet new romantic conquests is just the tip of the iceberg. Once this is all over and we return to some kind of daily normalcy the social ramifications are going to be huge. Will it be acceptable to approach people in public? I for one know I will be avoiding conversations in close quarters with anyone! Even the idea of conversations in person with friends and family is now a bit ‘icky’. If this is a general sentiment then guys sorry but one of the groups who are going to be the least willing to meet new people are young attractive women. Once past about 21 the female matures at an alarming rate and is way wiser and self-preserving than male counterparts who usually until about the age of 30 are generally still Constantly on heat and solely focussed on partying getting drunk and sex. Women aren’t driven by testosterone and a literal death-defying need to procreate, are way cleaner and are more meticulous with sanitation than us. Thus, in my opinion, all the good ones won’t be out and about for a long long time.

1. Pictures Pictures Pictures!

So what I’m trying to say is that even after the horrific lockdown finishes there is still going to be hugely limited to opportunities to meet new romantic interests. Basically, clubs and bars are going to be next to empty and full of the worst kind of people who feel the need to get paralytic and fuck outweighs their survival instinct. Invading anyone’s personal space let alone approaching on the street is likely to get you maced. Summer 2020 is looking like a grim barren wasteland as far as your genitalia is concerned people!.

But does it have to be? I’m obviously going to say No! And that’s the point of this blog. I am a dating and lifestyle coach. I specialise in online dating for gents and especially in styling and shooting the perfect profile. Thus I am extremely finely tuned to watch the online dating scene and help my clients to excel accordingly. My team even runs and spends a huge amount of money on tests to see what words are being searched concerning dating and apps like tinder on Google. We are constantly in the background monitoring the ups and downs of the online dating world. Some might say we are experts!

So what have we found? An absolute explosion of female activity across all mediums. Online dating was already becoming the standard way to meet new love interests and now it seems it is practically the only way.

We have noticed thousands of profiles which have become active as a result of ‘ isolation boredom’  or simply because they ‘can’t go out’. Many of my female friends and colleagues who don’t use apps at all in their normal lives are even trying them.

So guys great news the girls are bored as hell! Which means they need and want your inane banter! Well actually do they want your banter or are you one of the 70 percent of men who are out there failing hopelessly due to terrible profile images?

If you cannot confidently say that your photos are great, ie; high-quality resolution, have the correct styling of garments and choice of locations. If you can’t say yes to these points, then unless you are a male model type no wonder you are getting mediocre to dire matches if you are getting any at all.

Remember the 70 percent rule. 30 percent of men are matching, speaking to and getting dates with and sleeping with all the attractive women. Whilst the majority of guys are left scrapping it out for the average to decent women. The scraps left over by the hot 30 percent.

The silly thing about this is to become one of the 30 percent you don’t need to have the looks of a Hollywood actor the huge social media following or an eight pack. You just need to adhere to certain simple rules when compiling your photographic profile. Most guys have never considered putting any effort into there profiles or image and are failing as a result. If you think about the effort we put into our work lives or our gym routine then this is madness. Your average guy wants sex and female contact more than any other thing on earth yet he has no idea what he is doing and has invested zero time or effort into improving. This is a good thing for you. It means that with a small bit of work and the correct advice you can still jump into a fairly niche social strata. Ie you can become and represent the desirable guy.

Check out my website before and after page to see some examples of great profiles that I have personally shot and styled for online dating clients.

2. So What Do I Do?

All of these images are styled and have locations chosen to look natural and real but scream the right things about the individual. Furthermore, the combination of pleasing aesthetics, colours, contemporary fashion and locations resonate with a cool, trendy city type. Think the ‘GQ magazine’ ideal man. Copy them quite simply! Or if you think you need a bit of help then hit me up.

But Ollie what the hell I hear you say! How can we copy your ideas or come and see you if we are legally on house arrest? Fear not guys here is a YouTube video on how to take new profile photos from the comfort of your own home during the pandemic:

It’s a direct video guide of how to style and pose images and choose locations within your household.

So you have finally sorted that profile out and it’s time to get going. Be sure to watch our YouTube video on how to use the premium features on hinge and tinder as well and you are good to go…

Ready to go where dude? We can’t leave the damn house right! Yes, the standard date is over for the foreseeable future and even when it is eased off what I am about to relate is going to be the reality for many desirable people who are quite simply not desperate for sex or human contact. So again watch our video on dating ideas during the COVID era.

3. Maximise your opportunities

Happy Guy

Hopefully, the combined impact of all of these videos can fortify your online presence and get those 8’s, 9’s and 10’s talking.!

So finally we are drawing to the end of this COVID 19 dating SOS blog. We have done the hard work redesigning our profile, even had an online COVID inspired date or two and are juggling a multitude of conversations with random bored women. Now comes the impending question: can we meet? If so when?

So let’s be real people are still meeting. Sexual desire and the need for contact is not extinguished by a coronavirus. The next step after building comfort online for anyone willing to take, then let’s be real fairly minor risk of meeting a stranger, will be a park meeting and a walk at a 2-metre distance (or not depending on your shared sensitivities and discussion of your likely hood to be infected). A lot of guys have been asking is this acceptable to suggest? Will she think I’m too keen or a bit of a weirdo who is willing to risk death for a date? Yes, she probably will but then again you are a man and we all become desperado weirdos when the fairer sex is concerned. So go through the motions: Do the online dates the hours of small talk on what’s app. Grow that connection and simply suggest a meeting. Yes, it’s illegal and irresponsible but in all honesty, it’s a minor discretion if you are adhering to the rules of isolation in general and can confidently say that she has as well.

Now the last scenario and the best one of all to find yourself in and one we have seen occurring consistently in this time of crisis is, the straight to my place date. In a normal time, this is reserved strictly for hookups. However, this is not a normal time so once the trust and rapport are established. Typically after a park stroll and a lot of online chat, it’s acceptable to invite her to yours. Simply state what I just said: ” I wouldn’t normally invite you to mine at such an early stage but with the whole crisis we don’t have many other options” … Etc. State that you don’t expect anything sexually and it would be purely to hang out and have a drink and a chat.

So do you got for the day date or the dinner date? If she is standoffish then the day date is the one the daytime has less sexual connotations and you can let her know coming to yours is simply a cafe or shopping mall replacement. If you have a garden that’s perfect. Summer is approaching and some tasty nibbles and a bottle of prosecco would be bang on the money. If you believe you are at a stage where the boundaries can be pushed then suggest a dinner date. A recent dating client of mine initially did the cook-off online date mention in our video then suggested a date at his where he would attempt cooking another dish for her. She then suggested a third date where she attempted the same dish at her place and then they attempted to form a two-headed beast! Can’t say fairer than that!

So there we have it, survivors, an SOS guide from yours truly on how your dating life can continue through this terrible time. Be sure to check out the website and follow our Instagram.

More blogs, vids and content coming soon.

Peace out

Ollie Pearce

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