Best Men’s Dress Shoes 2020

Whilst a lot of guys understand that women can tell a lot about us by the type of shoes we wear and that we should be wearing nice shoes. But what exactly are nice shoes? What colour and style are we meant to be wearing? The fashion world is a daunting place and can often leave the average fella feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Best Jackets for Men to Wear on a Date | My Five Top Picks

A jacket really can make or break an outfit so I will be talking about how, by simply selecting the right jacket, it can be one of the easiest ways to make a great first impression on a date. Your jacket will be one of the first things your date will see when you’re walking up to her and also likely to be the most expensive item you’ll be wearing.

Two First Date Men’s Fashion Outfits Guaranteed To Impress Your Date

So you have finally got that big date with the girl do your dreams. Now is the desperate rush: restaurant bookings, tickets, endless googling of nice bars and thought goes into the actual date. Then it hits you what the hell am I going to wear!  It doesn’t matter if I have tickets to the greatest show on earth if I’m going to turn up in that same drab pair of jeans with my “good shirt” and an ancient leather jacket.

Best Men’s Summer Casual Shoes 2018

Gentleman, summer is in full swing, football isn’t coming home, but it’s the perfect weather for casual shoes, trainers (sneakers) and plimsoles. I’ve already gone through the best summer t-shirt and short combinations to wear so you’re probably wondering what to wear on your feet? Do you go barefoot? You could do but, as promised, in this blog post I cover the best summer footwear to wear so you look #hotshit and the girls go crazy over your style.

Men’s Summer Fashion Tips That Will Make You Stand Out From The Crowd (And Have All The Girls Going Mad Over Your Style!)

Summer is here so it’s time to get out and about, start drinking and socialising and meeting potential summer love interests.
The problem is, every other guy out there is trying to do the same thing so, how can you stand out from the crowd? I’ve been working as a personal stylist and image consultant for over 10 years and the honest truth is, most men have no clue about fashion.