Does Tinder Work for Guys? | Does Online Dating Really Work?

Does Tinder actually work for guys? Or is it a big money-making scam? Most guys find themselves disillusioned after trying Tinder or for the first time as they, more often than not, get zero matches. Instead of looking at why they’re not getting any matches they start to find reasons and excuses such as ‘Tinder is a scam’ or ‘Tinder isn’t real”.

Sending That First Message on Tinder (Real Screenshots)

Don’t use common words like beautiful, sexy, or cute. Be creative, instead use exquisite, charming, or magnificent. She will get the impressions that you’re not like any other man who uses boring and repeated words. Tease her by saying “You must have hundreds of men admiring you” and follow up with something about you like “But they’re not English men of the highest quality like me!”. She will surely find it charming and a bit quirky. Be humourous as every woman likes that!

What to do When She DOESN’t Reply! Send Her This to Make Her Respond..

“She didn’t text me back!?” one of my clients tells me.. What should he do? Should he text back? Or ignore and move on?

It depends.. Watch this video and find out exactly how to follow up with a girl when she doesn’t respond to your initial message or when she did reply but has since not been responsive.

How To Send That First Message On Tinder

“How do I message a girl on Tinder? I don’t want to mess it up!” This is a very common question that I’m always being asked and I completely understand. Women are receiving messages left, right and centre online and are often overwhelmed that they don’t respond to every message they receive.

What To Say When A Girl Asks – What Do You Do? (Even If You Have A Rubbish Job)

Model Poses | How To Look Good In Photos

How to look good in photos? Social media has blown up in recent years so I’m getting asked this question more and more. In fact, how to look photogenic in pictures is probably one of the most popular questions I get asked from clients and male models..