3 Golden Rules For Online Dating Profile Photos l Professional Dating Profile Picture Tips

“You are only as good as your worst picture.” This sounds harsh but it’s true. Ask any woman and they will agree with me one hundred percent. So here are the 3 Golden Rules for Online dating photos. 

Should You Text Her? | Should You Text Girls? | Responding to @trippadvice

One of my clients sent me this video and asked me what I thought so I decided to share my opinion in this video. Should you text girls? Does it make you a low-value man if you do?

Casual Dating Tips | How To Date Someone Casually

Are you looking for a casual relationship but not sure how to go about it? Is it ok to have a casual relationship? Will people think I’m a bad person? Do women even like casual relationships? How to date someone casually is something that I’ve started to get asked more and more so I thought I would address the topic in this video.

What To Text A Girl Who Has Stopped Responded | How To Get A Girl To Text You Back

Everything was going really well until suddenly she just didn’t text back? Why didn’t she text back? What did you say? What did you do wrong?

Best Pictures to Use For Your Tinder Profile | Which Pictures to Use for Online Dating?

Which pictures should you use on your online dating profile? A headshot? A social one? A sporty one? One with females? Holiday pictures? There are so many different types and the usual (crappy) advice that you get from mainstream sources is totally useless so I decided to make this video to help you all out.

What to SAY When You’ve MATCHED on Tinder

You’ve already got that match! So, what are you supposed to say then? You do not want to be the basic, lazy guy who messages “Hey!, Hello, Hi” That is lame. So what do you message that will get a response from the lady?

Do You Need Instagram for Tinder? | Is Instagram Necessary for Dating?

“If I’m on Tinder – do I need to be on Instagram?’ a client of mine recently asked and I thought ‘What a great question!’. Is Instagram going to help you get more numbers and dates? My answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’..

When Do You Exchange Numbers on Tinder? | Online Dating WHEN to Swap Numbers

You’ve sorted out your online dating profile.. You’ve matched with a girl that you like.. The conversation is going good.. But how do you take the conversation off of the app? How do you ask her for her phone number?

Why Didn’t She Respond to my Text? | Why Didn’t She Reply?

I go through the real reason why girls aren’t responding to your messages. You need to invest in your profile! It’s not rocket science. I help so many guys with their online dating profiles to achieve the success that they’re looking for. Invest in good pictures for your bio. Do not use the common, generic, and cliches openers like “Hi”, “How you doin?”. Instead, base your first message on her pictures.

3 Mistakes Guys ALWAYS Make on Tinder | Online Dating Mistakes Guys Make On Tinder

In this video, I go through the 3 most common mistakes guys always make on Tinder. I see these mistakes happening time and time again and I cannot believe sometimes how guys cannot see what they’re doing wrong.