Recognised as one of the Best Men’s Dating Experts of 2023: A Moment of Honour

I’m honoured to share that I’ve been recognised as one of the ’10 Best Men’s Dating Experts of 2023′ by This recognition is a testament to our commitment to providing practical and impactful dating advice. I invite you to read the full article and join me in celebrating this achievement. Your support and engagement inspire me to continue improving and sharing valuable advice. Together, we’ll keep navigating the world of dating.

Why Am I Getting No Matches On Tinder?

Is your Tinder a desolate wasteland? If so, fear not many many men have been there!

We eagerly get our best photos together, upload them onto tinder or other sites get swiping and….. and… and… anddddd… Still nada. I’m sure if you have been in this situation you were left thinking “wtf why have I got zero matches…. ok must just be a slow start I will keep trying”.

Covid 19 and the Dating Scene

I am writing this post in the midst of a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. The world is in a stage of unprecedented change and it seems our lives may never be the same again. The impact that COVID-19 has had in all areas of public life is huge and none more so than in our social lives and thus the romantic sphere of dating.

Why Most Online Dating Advice Sucks

Nowadays people are not meeting via old fashioned trajectories, anybody desirable has way too many options and some godlike online status with an ego to match. Meeting someone in a social setting is now very unusual and the vast majority of couples are meeting via an online dating app. This is a trend that is only set to grow bigger and bigger!

Back to Basics: Six Tips to Optimise Your Tinder or Swipe Dating Account From the Bottom Up

First things first every tinder advice article gives the same old tips some of which are useless and others which genuinely can help to optimise an account. Well, I should say an account which is already half decent! Sadly most guys don’t even have a half-decent account so unless you are a tinder god then you can definitely benefit from this blog.

Two First Date Men’s Fashion Outfits Guaranteed To Impress Your Date

So you have finally got that big date with the girl do your dreams. Now is the desperate rush: restaurant bookings, tickets, endless googling of nice bars and thought goes into the actual date. Then it hits you what the hell am I going to wear!  It doesn’t matter if I have tickets to the greatest show on earth if I’m going to turn up in that same drab pair of jeans with my “good shirt” and an ancient leather jacket.

How To Send Messages | Online Dating Help | Part Three

So for many guys, we have painstakingly assembled our online profile! Having gone through our entire photo library with a fine comb, scrutinised and agonised over which pictures to pull off social media and, if you’re bright enough to have followed part 1 of this series, you may even have put the time and effort in by following our guidelines and have basically injected your whole profile with steroids and are now feeling pretty sexy and optimistic with your new images!

How To Write The Ultimate Online Dating Profile | Online Dating Help | Part Two

I’ve already shown you the most common mistakes in the world of online dating and also how to take the ultimate online dating profile pictures in part 1 of this blog. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out “How To Achieve The Strongest Online Dating Profile | Online Dating Help | Part One“ “ (

How To Achieve The Strongest Online Dating Profile | Online Dating Help | Part One

In past few years, it was often considered a bit uncool to be looking for dates online and I would hear only too often from friends and clients that the online dating scene “isn’t for me and I prefer to meet women in the flesh in public”. However gradually there has been a massive shift making it the absolute norm and now when someone says they don’t online date they are massively in the minority and leave me thinking why?