Best Jackets for Men to Wear on a Date | My Five Top Picks

(Your Date Will Love Your Choice)

A jacket really can make or break an outfit so I will be talking about how, by simply selecting the right jacket, it can be one of the easiest ways to make a great first impression on a date.

Your jacket will be one of the first things your date will see when you’re walking up to her and also likely to be the most expensive item you’ll be wearing.

Subconsciously, it will be so a good indicator of, not only of your social standing financially, but also of what you feel comfortable enough to wear as your primary shell on a daily basis.

Isn’t a Jacket just for keeping warm?

If you thought a jacket was just to keep you warm in the winter, then you are wrong my friend. It is your armour when embarking onto the dating battlefield.

So, Saturday is fast approaching and that big date with the girl you’ve been obsessing over is on the horizon. If you haven’t thought about your outfit and are the kind of guy who believes : ‘I look OK I’m no fashionista and I’m not toooooo bad!’.. Then you are preparing to fail. Women place way more merit in a good image than guys and any attractive woman is very likely to be self aware and will take pride in her appearance and will invest a lot of time and effort in it. She will want a man who does the same and by not dressing well you are simply putting yourself at a massive disadvantage. As men’s style icon Tom Ford said : “dressing well is a form of good manners ”

I have written another blog about easy outfits guaranteed to echo the right things about you so check that one out.

You have your best leather shoes polished, your most stylish jeans have been pressed, your favourite shirt is hanging faithfully waiting for the big day but…. It’s winter and cold as a mother! That fitted Blazer just won’t suffice and your current jacket is either a drab work over coat or some ancient anorak the nature of which is highly unlikely to scream cool, sexy guy. Well buddy its time you got your ass shopping!

Here are a few jacket ideas to match with your desired style that always make a positive impact.

Smart Casual Overcoat

Smart Casual Overcoat

Out first edition is the Smart casual over coat (great for the mature guy or the younger looking guy who wishes to look more distinguished and anyone in between who likes a high end gentle vibe to their outfit.

This works great in any colour however my personal favourite is the beige with brown collar shown here. Mix it with blue skinny jeans and a brown Chelsea boot or brogue. A fitted white shirt or a roll neck tops the look off nicely.

Rock and Roll Style Leather Jacket

Leather Biker Jacket

This classic vintage style leather jacket is always a sure hit on a date. If you prefer a more casual bad boy vibe to your outfit then this is the one for you. Here we see a jacket by market leaders All Saints. A highly recommendable addition to any wardrobe. Combine this jacket with dark distressed or ripped skinny jeans and boots or high end plimsolls and a cool t shirt maybe with a rock and roll band logo or designer logo. Accessories really set off the rock and roll vibe so go crazy on the silver. Check out this blog for some ideas on easy accessories for men.

The Puffer Jacket

The Puffer Jacket

The puffer jacket is a great option for the more casual dresser or for a more casual date. Although all the jackets shown are versatile for a day date or evening the puffer is probably the most common day jacket shown. It also has some strong urban vibes so for all the hip hop fans and street wear enthusiasts this may well be the one for you. In the picture we have shown what is in my opinion, the king of the contemporary puffer jacket.

This one is by Moncler and is ridiculously expensive. Not only is it the most popular of its kind but it’s also at the top of the price range. It can be easily copied from cheaper brands. However, if you have the cash this is a great investment. Not only does the quality speak for itself in terms of warmth and comfort it is also a huge status symbol. The puffer is clearly branded and is thus an indicator of wealth and knowledge of high end brands and how to spend gross sums of money on a luxury jacket correctly. Sadly, this display of wealth combined with high fashion is invariably very attractive to potential dates.

The Suede Bomber

The suede bomber is another casual favourite ideal for a day date or a casual setting when a thicker jacket may be too hot say in the summer. Shown here in beige my personal preference. The suede bomber oozes effortless cool and high end value whilst staying in the realm of casual or day wear. It is best combined with sky blue distressed or ripped skinny jeans with white sneakers with no socks, a fitted polo top or a crisp white tee. Add some subtle accessories like a necklace with coin medallion and some designer sunglasses and you are all set.

The Black Denim Jacket

Finally, let’s go for a slightly cheaper summer or casual option. Here we have an old classic the denim jacket. Denim jackets with the right overall outfit have not been out of fashion since the 80’s. Traditional blue or faded blue denim jackets are also still very cool and relevant within men’s contemporary fashion.

However, for the dating scene I always think that the black denim jacket adds an extra element of difference and is a bit smarter and shows that you have made more of an effort. Again, the denim jacket is perfect for any age or identity. If you prefer a rock and roll feel to your outfit, then go for a faded vintage jacket shown above with rips or patches. Whereas if you desire a more high end look, a black denim jacket with a waxy finish or a very dark colour and good fit really give off high end designer vibes.

For the denim jacket we would either combine with a faded pair of grey or black jeans in the case of the faded jacket and a crisp pair of jeans in the case of the smarter version.

There we have it gents – five mens jackets guaranteed to make an impact on that big date. Time to burn that old anorak and bin that wirl jacket.

If you want further help with your fashion feel free to drop me an email at We can discuss how I can help you with your individual style so you can look #hotshit.

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    Manish Baghel says:

    This article is very amazing and information base the stylish jackets they have also unlimited knowledge by fashionable and stylish form. Thank you sharing your information.
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