Best Fake Tan For Men | How To Use The Best Spray Tan | How To Apply Men’s Fake Tan Lotion

Ok gentleman, here we have our video on fake tanning, and how to fake tan the right way, so nobody knows that is what you are doing! The guys who get chicks who use fake tan, do it right – that is why they get the girls!

Point one, use the right fake tan crème, know your weapon – St Tropez is our brand of choice. You want to use the daily moisturiser – it is white in colour, it doesn’t feel like you are painting yourself with a bronze brush, use every few days, not daily. It will build the tan slowly and it will look good, don’t use cheap products, you will look like an orange looser!

Point Two is to apply it properly, you must have a clean shave, no stubble, even the St Tropez moisturiser will stick on your beard and turn it ginger! No way is that cool, you are not a pirate – it will be super embarrassing, they will know that you use fake tan, oh the shame!

Avoid the stubborn areas on your face, be careful of your brow, above the bridge of your nose as the little hairs there can get it on them and create a thin orange uni-brow. Be careful around your ears and especially your forehead and neck, apply lightly and only in small bits, and apply it evenly of course. You do not want orange patches on your cheek, you will only know you have messed up when it is too late – be careful!

Point Three, we are going to touch on your hands. As you use them to apply the tan, make sure you wash them right away, you do not want it in your nails and the palms of your hands. Use a scrub/brush and make sure you don’t have Donald Trump hands, however, apply some tan to the top of your wrist, it needs to match your face, pale hands will also give the game away!

There we have it fellas, now you can tan the right way, without anyone knowing you do it!

Check out the full video below.


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