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Mens Hats – Best Hats For Men

Today we’re going to talk about our favourite and current hats for men. We have a fine selection which you can pair with any outfit and occasion. In the first category are the urban hats or the hip-hop type of hats that is particularly in demand in black culture and fashion. But now it’s massive and popular with a lot of men.

Why Am I Getting No Matches On Tinder?

Is your Tinder a desolate wasteland? If so, fear not many many men have been there!

We eagerly get our best photos together, upload them onto tinder or other sites get swiping and….. and… and… anddddd… Still nada. I’m sure if you have been in this situation you were left thinking “wtf why have I got zero matches…. ok must just be a slow start I will keep trying”.

Why Most Online Dating Advice Sucks

Nowadays people are not meeting via old fashioned trajectories, anybody desirable has way too many options and some godlike online status with an ego to match. Meeting someone in a social setting is now very unusual and the vast majority of couples are meeting via an online dating app. This is a trend that is only set to grow bigger and bigger!