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Hello gentleman, for today’s video we have the top 5 Style Secrets That Every Guy Should know, we will go through some of the points and why they are the top essential tips that you must be aware of!

Our first point is to make sure your clothes fit properly, check out the shirt Ollie is wearing. They are not too tight or too baggy. You need to find the middle ground, we flash up some jeans. You can go too tight and baggy, find that perfect middle ground. Be aware of your figure and dress accordingly

Our second point is simple: Never wear white socks for anything other than sporting activities, they look awful, we do not approve. We can even further this point by saying only wear ankle socks. That aesthetic is hot right now and often they look great when wearing sneakers, etc… They look perfect with brogues as well though, so give them a shot!

Point Three is to roll up the sleeve on your shirt, it makes the T-Shirt fall nicely on the body and also makes your arms look bigger. Which let’s face it lads – is never a bad thing. A very simple and effective way to make yourself look bulky.

Our fourth point is to avoid unnecessary patterns, fastenings or brandings, a lot of brands are guilty of doing this, one that comes to mind is Superdry. As far as examples to stay clear away from, think those stupid shoulder buttons, things that have no point being there, they look childish and stupid! Random lettering is major No, STAY AWAY! Less is more, let’s keep that in mind.

The final point is to get a well fitted Jacket/Blazer, this along with the well-fitting jeans and shirt from our first point will really make a massive difference. Blazers are great for dates or nights out to the club, they are versatile and look great. Colour wise think light beige and other minimalistic tones that don’t jump out in a garish way, they will work best.

There we have it, Folks, thanks for watching, drop a comment and let us know what you think!

Ollie Pearce

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